Hi everyone, we here at STEFANCAPTURES and with the help of several other talented bloggers on tumblr will be hosting our first ever Stefan Salvatore Appreciation Week from October 29th to November 2nd. We are calling all talented gif makers, graphic makers, writers and stefan enthusiasts to participate in this week by contributing in any way you can. There is a theme for each day (described below). Starting this Monday we will be reblogging content here so you can either follow us or track the tag: #saw12. Each day you can make a post reflecting on the stefan salvatore theme for that day. Please tag it #saw12 so we can see it. We welcome gifs/graphics/commentary/fanfic/video/and fanart that fit with the theme. Help us celebrate our favorite vampire diaries character.

Day One ⟶ why you love him [Oct 29th]

Day Two ⟶ favorite pairing/ship/crackship [Oct 30th]

Day Three ⟶ favorite stefan moment [Oct 31st]

Day Four ⟶ favorite stefan quote or song [Nov 1st]

Day Five ⟶ your choice/free for all (au’s welcome) [Nov 2nd]

You can also support us simply by reblogging this post and getting the word out to others in the TVD fandom. Thanks!

(this post has been updated)

Friendly reminder that Stefan Salvatore Appreciation Week starts tomorrow (Monday October 29th)! Please remember you do not need to be a gif maker to participate. We accept any and all content including gifs, graphics, video, audio, commentary, fanfic, etc. that fits with the theme for that day. Please remember to tag it saw12 so we can track it.

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